The Medstrap Holster provides a unique disposable suction tip holster for the individual patient. It is easily attached or removed from virtually any bedrail. This versatile, brightly colored, wide-mouthed holster serves both patient and caregiver. The holster is a one-piece device, with the bedrail side providing a strong, flexible strap which ratchets the holster to the rail. It's easily removed by a simple manipulation of the fingers.
Areas of Use:
OR, ER, PACU, ICU, Cath Lab
Organism resistant to multiple pathogens account for         institutional outbreaks.
MRSA, C. Diff, VRE, E. Coli, H1N1, etc. are  difficult to contain and manage. These increase morbidity, mortality and length of stay.
Hospital-Acquired Infections (HAIs), not covered by Medicare and Medicaid, can cost the hospital upwards         of $40,000.
Airway suctioning in multiple settings can cause cross-contamination if suction tips are not properly stored.
  Personnel can transmit these contaminants to other patients and to themselves, causing outbreaks.
Individual disposable suction holster keeps patient's workspace clean by  isolating contaminated suction tips.
  Noise reduction feature an oval aperture near the mouth of the holster permits insertion of suction tubing, minimizing suction noise.
  Reservoir at bottom of the Medstrap Holster keeps the suction tip from sitting in secretions.
Strap shown inserted in slot (B) immediately next to body of the holster, holding the strap secure to the bedrail.
To remove, pinch latch ( C ) against the securement tongue and pull on strap (A) for release and holster disposal.
MedStrap holster shown in side view with strap (A) loose over bed rail.